Meaningful Use with EHR and why it is important

16 Aug

We hear from a lot of Doctors and Nurses that achieving meaningful use within most EHR’s is cumbersome, confusing and that it simply takes up too much time. There are several parameters that have been established in order to successfully achieve meaningful use and some of them can be difficult. Trust us, those arguments are not falling on deaf ears as many practices are scrambling to meet meaningful use requirements, we understand your frustrations.

Now in order to qualify for the hefty government stimulus money you have to prove that your practice not only has a qualified EHR system installed but you must prove that you are using it effectively. This has many benefits with one being that Hospitals or Practices cannot simply purchase a low cost EHR system, install it and wait by the mailbox for their checks. The other important benefit is making sure that the Doctors, Nurses, MA’s and everyone else using the system are using the system properly for the benefit of the Hospital/Practice as well as the patients.

It is of paramount importance that EHR’s are implemented and utilized properly in order for them to be effective and we have some best practices that will help make sure your transition is a smooth one. 1st Choice IT, Inc. virtually eliminates the meaningful use trials and tribulations because we will walk you through and assist your organization in meeting or exceeding these goals on an individual basis making sure your measures are achieved.

The next topic we will discuss what we think are some “Best Practices” that will assist you once you have decided to move forward with an EHR system. Thanks so much for taking a moment to read our blog. Have a great rest of the week!


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